IMG_5250Reading: I’ve spent the past week reading the Lunar Chronicles and it’s been a lot of fun. Next semester is going to involve a lot of heavy reading content (I’m taking two classes on death and grief) so I wanted to spend my last week of break reading something lighter. I’m a sucker for fairy tale adaptations and each book has told its respective fairy tale in a creative and refreshing way. I’m not completely sucked into the stories (if it weren’t for the fairy tale aspect I don’t think I would have read past the first book) but I’ve enjoyed them for the most part. The last book in the series doesn’t come out for a few months (I thought they were all out before I started the first book) and I haven’t decided if I’ll read it, but a book from the villain’s perspective will be released at the end of the month and I’m looking forward to it.

Listening to: I only just this week bought Hadley Fraser’s new(ish) EP and I’ve been listening to it constantly. I’ve also been listening to Into the Woods (OBC) and The Last Five Years (both the original cast and the revival cast) a lot. I tend to listen to mostly musicals in the fall and winter and this season doesn’t seem to be much different.

Looking forward to: Classes starting. I’m taking classes I’m excited about this semester and I’m ready to get back to work.

Missing: My Maryland and Delaware family. I didn’t get to make the trip up to see them during the holidays and it sucked.

– “Currently” posts are my absolute favorite kind of posts and I was introduced to the idea on Danielle Hampton’s blog Sometimes Sweet. –